Sunday, 21 October 2018

PyClub opens in Catholic University College Ghana

The  ripples of the success of Pycon Ghana, 2018 continues to propagate all around the country. This blog chronicles the success story of one enthusiast, Ms. Goodness Nwokocha, a 3rd year student at the Catholic University College Ghana who took upon herself to make a difference by introducing the Python Programming to her faculty.

On the 5th of October, 2018. The Python Software Community (Python Ghana) chair Mr. Aaron Yankey made an august visit to the faculty of Computer Science at the University, where he met with the dean and faculty members of the university. In his speech titled, "the developer's mindset", he made a call to action by siting the concerns raised by the World Economic Forum Report on the, "Future of Jobs". The report detailed the changes many jobs would face by the year 2022, and he alarmed on the transition to the 4th Industrial Revolution. 

The chair also made an appeal to the students to equip themselves state-of-the-art skills and technologies that would poise them for their dream careers. He also emphasized the need to be prepared for the 4th Industrial Revolution stating that, "...Africans are yet to be fully grasp the first industrial revolution".

The event also featured  a demonstration of the ease and power of the Python Programming language.. Python's ease of use was compared with other languages such as C and C++.

The ceremony was climaxed by a speech from a computer science faculty member, Rev. Fransis Philip Amankwa, who echoed the need for students to embark of self-development and more critically, to be able to transfer the skills they have acquired from other programming languages, to enhance their skills in Python programming.

The chair was assured that going forward, Python would be taught as a course to computer students and will likely spread to other departments.

With several initiatives such as  PyKids-GhanaPyClub-GhanaPyData-GhanaPyLadies-Ghana, and lots more, the Python Software community in Ghana is rapidly growing from just a few enthusiasts and hobbyist, to a more professional and formal audience. This we hope will bubble all the way up to parliament, and become an agent of the much-needed change in our technical and educational sectors. 

PyClub is an initiative of #PyGhana to have clubs in various institutions spread across the country. It's where students could meet, discuss and learn #Python

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Python Cape Coast First Meetup

Python Cape Coast First Meetup.
Have you ever heard of Python Cape Coast user group?
Well, it’s the programming language user group made up of Python lovers and developers. This user group is established under the guidance of the Python Software Community Ghana (Python Ghana). The  community held its first meetup on the 24th of February 2018 

The event began with an introduction of individuals present at the meetup. Dzifa Lokko Joyce, was the MC for the day.  We were so thrilled that, after the introduction that we had individuals with no taste of programming present but was hungry to have a taste of it since they heard that software was eating the world.
With such crave, we had the privilege of being talked to by our patron, Mr. Armarh Mensah who happens to be a lecturer at the computer Science Department. He made known to the community the importance or essence of joining such tech communities.
There were 3 speakers aside the patron.
Nikola Jumah, a software developer also graced the meetup with some brief history of Python, the projects she has done with Python and some major advantages Python has over other programming languages. An enthusiast asked what an IDE was and Nikola made it known to the whole house what it is and some benefits a developer gets from using an IDE instead of a raw text editor.

An installation party and some basic syntax knowledge was commenced by Amin who also has numerous projects in Python. He also led the community on the basic terms such as loops and functions.
After sitting down for quite some time, the attendees were ready to get their hands dirty. The next session commenced a DIY session. Dennis Effa lead the house into their first basic python program by combining all that the previous leads had done.

The stomach was not left out.

Python Cape Coast would like to extend their gratitude to our sponsors ; The Python Software foundation, Organisers of the event, leads, patron.
Thanks for reading and I hope you reconsider the programming language for your next project…

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Django Girls in Ghana

Django Girls is a global, non-profit organization that helps women get involved with technology and teaches them about programming. It's an educational initiative that aims to introduce women who are new to programming to the world of technology, and increase the diversity.
The first Django Girls workshop, which kicked off Django Girls, happened during EuroPython 2014 and has already held more than 560 events events in 83 countries around the world, attended by more than 12,500 women including Ghana. Django Girls aims to inspire women to fall in love with programming and create amazing first experiences with technology. It does this by helping to organize a free one-day programming workshops for women, providing tools, resources including open sourced online tutorials, and support.
The first Django Girls event in Ghana was organized by HapaSpace in Kumasi on the 22nd of April 2017. From then on, other Django Girls events were held at different regions around the country, (AccraHoKoforiduaTarkwa) and more are on schedule to follow this year. Over 150 women have attended the event around the country.
Django Girls event is a one-day workshop with an installation party the evening before or remotely via Google Hangout/Skype. During the whole day participants work in small groups (3 attendees + 1 coach) and go through the tutorial to successfully create a blog application and deploy it to the internet. The philosophy of Django Girls events is that everyone can take part and every attendee's experience matters. With the aim of welcoming all, the workshop does not require any background in programming and the tutorials are designed to be easily accessible. 
Django Girls events are always non-profit and free for participants. Coaches, speakers or organizers are volunteers. Attendees don't need any previous knowledge about programming and there is no age limitation. All the attendees need is a laptop and some curiosity.
Python Ghana is passionate about such event which seeks to increase diversity around the country, hence the formation of PyLadies Ghana. PyLadies Ghana are delighted to collaborate with Django Girls events around the country to help open up new opportunities for women, build and expand communities, and boost diversity in the programming world.
Interested in organizing a Django Girls event in your vicinity? you can apply for one HERE.
If you’d need any form of assistance, please feel free to contact us, or the Python User Group in your vicinity if any.

Previous Events and their Organizers
Django Girls Kumasi -  hapaSpace with support of Hapa Foundations.   

Some Coaches who volunteered in the Past events, Medaase!!
(NB. Name Records taken from past events website)

Flickr Photos of some Django Girls Events held in 2017,